Long Day Care & Pre-School - Family-owned business, serving the community for 20 years!
Our Menu
Our menu is run on a 6 weekly basis and catered for by Kids Gourmet Food Pty Ltd.
Further information can be found at www.kidsgourmetfood.com.au
We provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Breakfast can be provided upon request.
Our centre follows the NSW Health guidelines by providing children in care with 50%of their daily nutritional needs and therefore provides the following to each child every day:
  • 3 serves of reduced fat dairy for children 2+ years of age; including Milk, Cheese & Yogurt per day
  • 3 serves of full fat dairy for children under 2 years of age including Milk, Cheese & Yogurt per day
  • 2 serves of vegetables per day
  • 1 serve of fruit per day
  • 2 serves of grains per day
  • 2 serves of red meat each week
  • 1-2 serves of chicken/fish each week
Laughing Clowns also caters for all allergies and alternative dietary requirements.
Click HERE to view a sample copy of our menu provided by KGF.
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