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Laughing Clowns Early Learning Centre Philosophy
Laughing Clowns Early Learning Centre understands that the first five years of a child’s life are critical for development. The experiences and relationships we engage as children have a lifelong effect on who we are, how we learn and what we do as adults. Educators who understand the importance and practices of emotional and intellectual engagement with young children play a crucial role in early childhood development.
The educators at Laughing Clowns believe every child has different interests, needs and strengths, and by gaining an understanding and awareness of children’s individual thoughts and personalities, educators are able to develop strong personal bonds with children under their care, allowing them to provide challenging and interesting learning environments that foster a sense of belonging and instil a love of learning.
Laughing Clowns Early Learning Centre implements a curriculum based on ‘learning through play’, with educators striving to provide a wide range of activities and experiences to ensure ample opportunity for children to explore, discover, create, imagine and connect with their peers.
Our educators embrace the cultural diversity of the centre by including activities and experiences which strengthen cultural competence and acknowledge, celebrate and respect different family backgrounds. We strongly believe that children of all cultural backgrounds and abilities have the potential to succeed and therefore our centre remains anti-bias and free from discrimination.
We believe that working in partnerships with families is essential and by ensuring we collaborate with families and the people within our community we foster learning experiences that are meaningful and respectful.
Our educators value the knowledge of families and the community and believe that their input and suggestions are important. We believe in building secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with children and their families and by doing so, our educators are not just teachers or carers but rather ‘partners in learning’.
The educators at Laughing Clowns implement intentional teaching methods to assist children with developing knowledgeable and confident self-identities and increase their awareness of the world around them, ensuring they are prepared to transition to further education in primary school.
We believe in guiding children's behaviour by using positive encouragement and reinforcement as tools to direct and promote children's wellbeing, and implement consistent daily routines to assist children in developing a sense of trust and security within our environment.
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