Long Day Care & Pre-School - Family-owned business, serving the community for 20 years!
What we provide
Our centre provides a full service to all children attending including the following:
All meals
Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea Menu developed in accordance with Munch & Move - NSW Health Department, of healthy meals, drinks and snacks for children, catered for by Kids Gourmet  Food Pty. Ltd.
Full cream & Light milk
We provide full cream milk for bottles for children under 2yrs of age and light milk for children over two years of age.
Homework bags& Library Books to take home(4-5yrs)
To encourage and instill a love of learning not only at the centre but also at home.
A Play-based Learning Curriculum
We provide a daily curriculum based on children’s interests, reflecting the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)  approved by the Department of Education and Community Services.
Individual Learning Portfolios
All Children's learning experiences are regularly documented and shared with families in a folder for you to take home and keep.
A School Readiness Program
4-5 year old children are provided with a program that will help prepare for the transition to primary school.
Educational and Interactional Incursions
Examples include an Easter Hat Parade, 
Christmas concert, Reptile man visit,
Firefighters visit, and much more!
What to bring
Each day your child attends the Centre you will need to bring:
  • A piece of fruit - this is shared as a fruit platter for morning tea.
  • School bag - containing a change of clothes, underwear, socks and a jacket with your child's name clearly labelled.
  • Sun Hat - Clearly labelled sun safe hat (bucket hat with large brim or legionnaire hat, as seen above).
  • Water Bottle - We provide cups for drinking milk, however we ask that parents provide a water bottle for your child to drink from throughout the day, especially when playing outdoors. Bottles are left at the centre and washed on a daily basis. Bottles with straws are not permitted as these can be choking hazards.
  • Nappies or Pull-ups- 5 per day, alternatively, you can leave a pack of nappies at the centre and staff will alert you when they are running low.
  • Formula – pre-made formula in labelled          bottles, or empty labelled bottle for children who require cows milk.
  • Security items - dummy, blanket, teddy etc.
  • Appropriate footwear for children - This includes no thongs, gumboots, uggboots, crocs, etc. Sandshoes and sneakers are recommended as they are safe for climbing!
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